Hello and welcome to Active Connected Communities.

Welcome to the place where you can find help with ways to encourage your community to be more active, healthy and resilient.  All through active travel.

  • Are you trying to manage traffic congestion outside a school?
  • Would you like to see an increase in families travelling to school by more active ways?
  • Would you like to see a decrease in the numbers of cars outside the school grounds?
  • Maybe you need some ideas on how to create a safer environment for the school community where more children can travel to school by foot, wheels or public transport.

With Active Connected Communities, we will work together to create solutions in response to the challenges your community is experiencing travelling to school.


Sustainable Communities Please click here for School Communities

– With my unique approach, I work closely with your school community to decrease traffic congestion, and increase active travel for the journey to and from school.

Event Microphone  Please click here for Councils

– I help Councils to engage directly with schools to create an environment that supports active travel for the journey to school.