traffic-congestionAre you trying to manage the traffic congestion outside your school?
Have you noticed an increase in the numbers of cars outside the school grounds?  Are families struggling to find parking?



bikesDo you need help with how to encourage families to travel to school by other ways than only the car?
Would you like to see more children being active by walking or cycling to school?
Would you like ideas on how to help children to become more active, healthier and to build confidence and resilience?

 3 step approach 

My 3 step approach will help to encourage your school community towards more active travel and less car use:


When working with schools I encourage the involvement of the wider school community. This includes the students, staff and parents.

Together we work on three key steps: we discuss, we create and then we do.   

These simple steps are an effective way to encourage engagement with all of the school community. It also creates strategies that are custom designed for your school.

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