•  Are you in need of ideas to encourage safer driver behaviour and better parking around the schools that won’t impact on local residents?
  • Are you receiving concerned phone calls about the traffic congestion outside local schools?
  • Are you short on time, or perhaps don’t have the experience to engage directly with the school community on how to encourage less car use and more active travel?

 3 step approach 

My 3 step approach will help you to effectively engage with your school communities:


I help Councils to engage directly with the schools with 3 Steps.

Community engagement and building ownership is key to the approach. This helps to create an enabling environment for long term changes in active travel to and from school.

During this 3 step approach I also build knowledge, skills and capacity for Council staff to continue engaging and working with the school community. 

Together we lead the school community through the three steps: we discuss, we create and then we do.   

These simple steps are an effective way to encourage engagement with all of the school community. It also creates strategies that are custom designed for each school in the municipality.

Please click below for more details on the ways in which I work with your community.

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