My 3 step approach will help to encourage your school community towards more active travel and less car use:


1. We identify the challenges and barriers

School CommunitiesFor schools, I facilitate the students, staff and parents to identify and discuss the challenges experienced with the journey to and from school.

Event MicrophoneFor councils, I facilitate the community to identify a range of barriers for the journey to school. This includes an audit of the physical barriers such as footpaths or crossing points, and these are documented for council.

2. We create solutions

School CommunitiesFor schools, we design solutions together to address travel concerns and parental fears and ways to encourage active travel and less car use.

Event MicrophoneFor councils, solutions are designed in collaboration with the community. This includes behaviour change initiatives as well as traffic engineering treatments.


3. We implement the actions

Sustainable CommunitiesI lead the school community through a strategic process where together we are ready to the implement the active travel actions.

Event MicrophoneThrough a strategic planning process the community is ready to implement active travel actions with support from council.